BioTech Job Training

BioTech Job Training

What springs to mind when you think of a career in BioTechnology? A scientist working in a laboratory, with a white coat and a microscope developing drugs to improve the quality of life for all mankind?  Well, I can’t say that you’re not right, because you are, but there is a much bigger picture than that. A career in BioTechnology these days opens up a world of possibilities including:

  • sales and marketing
  • research and development (with the white coat)
  • manufacturing (you might get the white coat too, and a hairnet if you’re lucky)
  • quality assurance (probably get a clipboard)

Careers in BioTech

Well, if this sort of thing sounds like it’s up your street then you’re in for a treat, because you may not have noticed but the number of BioTech companies is growing rapidly nationwide, and that means one thing, job opportunities! Studying for a career in BioTech might be a very smart move indeed!

Did you know that during the past 10 years (which isn’t very long at all!) the number of people working in the BioTech industry has increased by a massive 90% (which is a lot, whichever type of calculator you use)?  Maybe it’s for you! Do you like:

  • science
  • technology
  • math
  • investigating and then solving problems
  • making useful products

You do! Then maybe you ought to seriously consider a career in BioTechnology.

BioTech Job Training

Education – there isn’t a “natural route” into a career in BioTech, it kind of depends on different things, the type of position you’re after, the industry sector, the size of the company – you know, all the usual stuff.

In the olden days, you would have needed to have a degree at least masters or doctoral levels, but these days there are just so many opportunities that it is possible to have a career in BioTech without one.  There is now a much wider variety of positions on offer, and therefore a much wider variety of possibilities are open.

Scientific positions will, of course, need you to have something ranging from an Associates Degree to a Doctoral Degree, and many community colleges now offer a curricula to specifically train BioTech technicians.

There are, however, lots of other positions open in the field of BioTech:

  • quality control
  • quality assurance
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • infrastructure maintenance
  • facilities
  • manufacturing

Whilst many of these positions still mean that you need to gain a four year degree, some of them are now available with a two year degree or even less. For example, some of the positions in manufacturing are open to employees with only a high school degree and training.

The Ideal Candidate

Of course, apart from all of that scientific, mathematic, technical stuff which you need, you also need to be a well rounded individual. You do need a certain amount of scientific knowledge and experience, but you also need to have a basic knowledge of computers, communication (both written and verbal) and math.

If you are seriously considering a future in Biotechnology then good for you, it is after all a growing industry with plenty of scope for the future and should be able to offer you a long and fruitful career.

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